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Guillaume Kaufmann

Snowflakes photography


Swiss photographer living at 1000m high in Swiss Jura Mountains. Snowflakes hunter since 2015.

When you start paying attention to snow, you understand that some languages have many words referring to it. So many shapes, so many ways of falling, so many atmospheres, so many noises. Beyond the macro technique, the real difficulty resides in the hunting of the perfectly shaped, crystal clear and translucide flakes. So many of them fall every second and still, they are so rare, so fragile and so hard to find. When you finally locate one, you have to go fast and shoot it before it melts or it is blown by wind. Pictures are the modest witnesses of this hidden and fragile beauty that falls from the sky and disappears …

If you are interested in prints, contact me using one of the links below.


2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds